Nutritional program

When looking after your four-legged friend, you should not forget a significant part of his identity, which is a very specific personality. Your dog won’t accept a boring, monotonous daily diet. When he looks in your bowl, he knows the world offers an inexhaustible range of snacks, goodies, and delicacies for the most picky dog buds.

Let´s offer your dog the same variety in his nutrition, especially modified to meet the needs of Les Petit´s dogs - Ultimate Nutrition for Mini Dogs. The range includes dry dog foods, cans, pouches, snacks and supplements. The dry food range has been developed to meet the typical nutritional requirements of mini dogs: special size and shape of kibbles, high meat and energy content, highly digestible, with functional components to improve your dog’s physical condition. While the varied range of Petit supplements ensures your friend stays happy, with a smile on his face every day.